Women's Club of Mt. Lebanon
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Women's Club of Mt. Lebanon Executive Board (clockwise from top left) Robin Scibek, Nadeana Cook, Caroline Lascek, Bethany Casagranda-Sedei & Hilary Taylor  Image Courtesy of George Mendel/ Mt. Lebanon Magazine

Women's Club of Mt. Lebanon Executive Board (clockwise from top left) Robin Scibek, Nadeana Cook, Caroline Lascek, Bethany Casagranda-Sedei & Hilary Taylor

Image Courtesy of George Mendel/Mt. Lebanon Magazine

About Us

As our family and professional commitments have expanded, we found that we missed having the opportunity to do good, eat and drink well, and have fun. As the concept of a new type of social and civic group began to take shape, we realized that we already had a model close to home: the Women’s Club of Mt. Lebanon. Over the years, we have interacted with some of the previous members of this once-thriving local organization and were always inspired by their dedication to Mt. Lebanon and the surrounding communities. Our continuing commitment to the core concepts of friendship, civic outreach, and community involvement led us to relaunch the Women's Club of Mt. Lebanon in the fall of 2017.

The re-imagined Club was designed to accommodate busy schedules and ever changing priorities.  Beyond the annual membership dues of the Club, we have no formal requirements for our members and encourage members to participate when they can and as often as they can. 

Generally, our Club Calendar will offer alternating volunteer/civic opportunities and social activities each month.  We partner with and support organizations near and dear to our members' hearts. We regularly solicit and receive feedback from our membership that helps direct the Club's outreach and fun.

Our History

The Women’s Club of Mt. Lebanon was first organized in October 1924, by thirty-two women as an outgrowth of the Mt. Lebanon League of Women Voters, which was disbanding.  The Club initially met in members’ homes and then moved to local churches and schools to hold their meetings as their membership increased.

Over the early history of the Club, departments and committees formed to meet the needs of the members, including the formation of the Educational Committee in 1931 to run the annual scholarship program for Mt. Lebanon High School graduates.  The scholarship program continued from 1931 until the dissolution of the Club in the mid 2000’s.  In further support of community, the Women’s Club of Mt. Lebanon organized the High School’s Snowball Christmas Dance and Holly Homecoming Dance, both of which started in 1942, as well as the Graduation Dance.    

In 1932, the Club assisted with the organization of the Mt. Lebanon Public Library.  Throughout its history, the Club wholeheartedly supported the Library, including countless volunteer hours, book reviews, book donations, and monetary donations during the Library renovation in the 1990’s. Additionally the Club had a tradition of placing a memorial book in the Library’s collection when a member passed away.  

During the 1936 flood in Pittsburgh, the Club volunteered as cooks, clerks, chauffeurs and seamstresses for the American Red Cross.  The Club organized a Red Cross Auxiliary during World War II, and established committees for U.S.O service, blood drives, civilian defense, and war emergency.  

From 1940 to 1995 the Club owned a clubhouse near Mt. Lebanon High School and used that facility for meetings, Club events, and private rentals.  From a founding roster of thirty-two, the Club expanded its membership to over 1400 members at one point.  The Club’s support in the community was steadfast. However, through the decades it did not continue to recruit new members.  In June 2011 the Club disbanded from lack of membership.

Today, we honor the Club’s history of service to our community, while re-imagining the Women’s Club of Mt. Lebanon for the Twenty-First Century.  We look forward to building strong friendships, serving our communities, and balancing our personal commitments with you.